Ashworth Homes was founded based upon two core principals.  First, to develop and build innovatively designed buildings, both residential and commercial, which offer good long-term value to our customers.  Secondly, to steward our ecological and financial resources by supporting domestic and international relief work serving those who are in greatest need in our world.  It is the synergy of these two principals that has grounded Ashworth Homes while providing us with the dynamic for growth and innovation.

As a licensed general contractor, member of the Master Builders Association and a registered Built Green contractor, we have the skills and expertise required to build quality and integrity into each job.  Moreover, Ashworth offers development and consulting services which, when offered in conjunction with our building service, provide our clients with the most customized solutions and cost effective outcomes possible.


Ashworth has pioneered partnership arrangements for over ten years encompassing nearly half of all projects undertaken during this period.  Some partnerships have included as little as two partners while others have contained many more.  The partnerships have taken numerous forms depending on the form of investment, goals and capabilities of each partner.  In order to organize and effectively manage these partnerships, Ashworth Homes has developed a robust yet transparent management structure.


When you buy a home or a building you are also buying into a community.  It is important to recognize that the strength of any community is a direct result of the time and resources contributed to it by its participants.  Ashworth Homes is proud to be part of many neighborhood communities throughout the Puget Sound region.  We believe the act of giving, whether of time or money, is one of the most effective ways to build a community and support positive growth.  As such, Ashworth Homes contributes a portion of the sale of each new home to charities in that community.  It is just one of the ways Ashworth Homes seeks to support the communities in which we participate.

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